The big and beautiful world is calling you again.

Sitting in the living room, you imagine your wonderful trip this year. You have seen the marvelous pictures your friends sent you from their trip, magical landscapes, and spectacular towns, and you want to experience them too. You also wish for unforgettable experiences. "This year," you tell yourselves, "it will happen."

Then you return to reality. This will not happen by itself; you need to plan the trip.

Find a flight and order tickets – pretty simple.

Find a hotel and order rooms – not too complicated.

Rent a car – actually easy.

Route – choosing the places that you will visit. Where will you eat? Destinations? Priorities, schedules – this task is already complex and burdensome.

You are searching for help. Maybe on Facebook, blogs, and books gathering dust in the parents' library. You are asking friends and family, collecting every piece of information and trying to build the long-awaited route from all the details. You are investing hours upon hours and drowning in the sea of all the existing information, not seeing the horizon. Frustration starts to replace the excitement from the long-awaited experience.

No more frustration. From now, everything is easy and from the couch, with the touch of a finger, with FunGuide. An easy-to-use and user-friendly web system built by Tsahi Luft and Avi Dorani, two experienced entrepreneurs who love to travel and have fun.

FunGuide – lets you team up with local tour planners in your destination country. Professional tour planners will create your trip based on what you love and want to experience. Do you want a trip that emphasizes on culinary? Museums? Attractions? Extreme? Maybe an easy route for those who have difficulty walking? Secret, fascinating, imaginative places that only the locals know? Everything is possible with the experts, who know the areas like the palm of their hand.

And this is simple. Very simple.

Enter the website, select the destination and dates, and describe the trip of your dreams shortly and the system will present you with a range of appropriate planners for your needs. You may choose the one that is most suitable for you out of the options available to you, and from there, you will be able to make your dream trip a reality.

It’s true, like all of the good things in life that saves us work and trouble, our service has a cost, but hey,

A trip is the only thing you buy that makes you richer…

We are starting, and you are invited to join and celebrate life with us.