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How it works ?

1. Define your dream trip.

2. Choose the local planner, from our pool of talented planners, to plan the itinerary for you.

3. Have a dialogue with the planner you have chosen, explain your requirements, pay and receive a tailor-made itinerary plan for you.

Create unforgettable experiences and memories, for millions of tourists
around the world

Some most frequently asked questions.

What is FunGuide?

FunGuide is a unique and innovative state of the art global marketplace platform, where FIT’s (Free Independent Travelers) can design tailor-made travel experiences, in collaboration with trip experts online:
Itinerary planning | Guidance | Navigation
All offered in real time via our online platform

Why use FunGuide?

Trip Itineraries plan is a complicated and frustrating.
Free Independent Travelers (FIT’s) are wasting valuable time (7-20 days) on planning itineraries, and gathering attractive content, by jumping from website to website
FunGuide platform, brings Free Independent Travelers (FIT’s) and trip experts (FunGuides) from all over the world together to design unique and attractive tailor-made itineraries, creating truly unforgettable experiences. The design service of the platform, is provided in an effective way, quickly and with a high value for money

Who are the FunGuide itinerary planners?

FunGuides are certified trip itinerary planners, travelers with extensive experience and knowledge, locals with historical, geographical, archeological, culinary knowledge and more. Our planners cover all types of trips: historical, nature and landscape, culture, culinary, sports and extreme, religion, medicine, and more, and each independent traveler, can design his experience tailored to his needs.

Can I choose my Planner?

You are the one who chooses the Planner who will provide you with a service and will plan the route for you. The site will present you with all the Planners that can meet your requirements, and you can choose the one that suits you best. After receiving the service, you can rate the Planner who designed the itinerary for you, so that other travelers can also make the right choice of the right Planner.

How is FunGuide different from others?

FunGuide is a marketplace that focuses on designing attractive, unique, tailormade itineraries for FIT's rather than operations. FunGuide is a real Market Place and not another travel agency.
Our story is about creating memorable experiences at a reasonable cost to each traveler.

How can I get itinerary planning for my trip?

All you have to do is enter the website menu, click on "Plan your trip now" and from there the way to an unforgettable experience
, very short.

How do I pay for the service?

You can pay in any way possible, as shown on the website. Billing will be done only after you have confirmed receipt of the itinerary planning file prepared for you by FunGuide

Can I become a Planner?

You can become a Planner. If you are a certified trip itinerary planner, or a traveler with extensive experience and knowledge, you can sign up as a Planner and start designing experiences for independent travelers, depending on the professional level required from FungGuide and according to the SLA and administrative requirements: Registered as a freelancer by law, and ability to issue invoices

How can I sign up to be a Planner?

All you have to do is enter the website menu, click on "Join as a Planner" and from there the way to be a FunGuide and generate money, very short.

What skills are required to become a Planner?

If you like to travel, you have extensive knowledge in one field or in several fields such as history, geography, culture, archeology, culinary and more, and you see value in sharing this knowledge with independent travelers, and designing for them customized and unique experiences, then you can become To FunGuide.
The values on which we operate are Reliability, Professionalism, Service, Sustainability, Human love without distinction of religion, race, and gender.

How do I set up my profile?

Once you have completed the registration process, you will have access to open your profile. You can add an image, name, resume, areas of expertise, languages and more. We encourage you to be as accurate as possible and not to mark or write skills you do not have.
A professional and accurate profile will catch the eyes of travelers.

How will I know to price my service?

The FunGuide platform cannot decide for you what the price is for your planning day, however we are willing to recommend you a price that will be attractive and will not exceed the usual.

What is the process for receiving the money, for my service?

In the process of registering as a Planner, you will be required to register the account to which you would like to receive the money.
Once you have reached an agreement with a traveler, on the service, the traveler is required to fill out a payment form.
Once the traveler has confirmed receipt of the service / final product, the charge is made.
Upon receipt of the money on the platform, the amount is transferred to a Planner account, conditional on the issuance of an invoice

Does Planner pay a commission to the FunGuide platform?

No. The fee for using the FunGuide platform we add, to the cost of your service, so that the customer traveler, sees the total cost with the fee.

Does registering as a Planner have a cost?

Registration as a Planner, opening an expert page, is free of charge. We want to provide the best conditions for anyone interested in becoming a Planner.

Get to know FunGuide’s advanced features.

Free registration

For anyone registration is free.

Seeking for a trip itinerary planner (guide)

Our large pool of itineraries planners includes only local experts who know your trip destination, better than anyone else.

Quickly and tailor-made trip itinerary planning

Only at FunGuide you receive an itinerary plan, tailor-made and designed for you, and not a ready-made itinerary.

Both sides are satisfied

FunGuide has no hidden payments. For the amount you paid, we guarantee responsibility and satisfaction, both for the traveler and the itinerary planner.

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