Privacy Policy

FunGuide Privacy Policy.

What we care most about our clients is the private information that they share with us while they browse the website. This privacy policy of FunGuide tells you in detail how the website collects your personal information and to what extent. Careful examination of this privacy policy shall also let the user know how the website shares the private data collected on behalf of the user with any third party if there arises the need for the same. The browsing of the website by the users shows their utmost level of trust which they have placed in the website, and the same trust is of utmost importance for the success of the business and/or website of the FunGuide therefore it is a matter of strong commitment for the FunGuide to protect the data and/or all the private information of the user of the website which has been collected during the course of the use of the website by the user. You are advised in your best interest to go through this privacy policy before using the website.

Collecting and using of Personal data of the User.

The only purpose of collecting some sort of personal information from the user is to continuously provide improved services, to the user to invigilate the use of the website (and account of the user if the user maintains the same with the website.), and to enable the best user experience and convenient navigation through the services provided on the website.

  • User Account Information. If the user prefers to use the website by creating an account on the website, certain personal information including but not limited to your name, gender, educational/professional background, photo, contact number, email address, bank account information, etc. If the user creates an account using any of his already existing social network accounts provided the FunGuide allows the login in from that specific account, the website shall be able to collect your personal information as per the privacy policy of that specific account’s website. The personal data thus collected helps in ensuring the security and privacy of your information. The personal information collected from you may also be used to provide you with the more relevant experience best suited to you.
  • Tour Information. While using services provided by the website, you shall provide the website with the personal data of your prospective travel plans, schedules, preferences, bookings, note, attachments, and other such information. In addition to your personal data provided to the website, you may also provide us with the personal information of the travelers traveling with you. The data of your co-travelers provided to the website helps us personalize your experience on the website better by sending emails, notifications, messages, etc. containing reminders, advertisements, and deals relevant to your trip.
  • Data Collected through Cookies and other relevant web technologies. As cookies have gained trend with the revolution on the go in the field of information technology, the website also uses automated data collection tools like cookies and any other tool of the like nature specially designed for such purposes.
  • Personal data in connection with the use of the services. Servers designed for the FunGuide website collect certain information, on their own, about how a user (whether the user maintains an active with the website or not) shall use the website; automatic data collection of this kind is also known as the log data. Log data may specifically include the information included but not limited to the user’s Internet Protocol address, type of the browser which the user uses, the operating system of the device through which the user accesses the website, information about the webpage which the user was accessing before coming to the FunGuide’s website, the pages and features browsed by the user of the FunGuide’s website, the amount of time spent on those pages and/or features, information about the third party’s website that hosted the website that brought a user the services, search items on the website, information which the user puts in relating to their trip planning, amendments made into the existing itinerary, the links which the user opens during the course of the use of the website, clickstream, session playbacks and statistics. Log data thus collected is used to invigilate the services provided and the same is also used by the experts for improving, customization, and enhancing the services of the website by expanding their features, and functionality and tailoring them to our users’ needs and preferences. The user’s IP address may also be used for bringing forth accumulative, non-identifying, information about how the services, provided by the website, are being used by the user.
  • Personal Information Received via User’s Mobile Phone. While using and/or accessing the services through a mobile device, data like a device identifier, user’s setting of the device, the operating system of the device, as well as the information on your use of the services may also be collected at the time of your accessing of the website. Such personal data, while using the website, can be used for providing an optimized experience for your device.
  • Locality Information. While the user browses through the website we store the user’s location by converting the user’s internet protocol address as a rough geo-location and/or by accessing the user’s device’s GPS coordinates, or coarse location if you have enabled the same on your device. Such information regarding the locality of the user is collected to provide the best experience of the website to the user for example by accessing your locality information we are in a better position to guide you on the best route suited to your locality for your prospective trip.
  • Personal Data You Provide about Other Users/Accompanying Companions. As already discussed hereinbefore, you may provide us with the personal data of the other users who may be accompanying you on the trip. It is pertinent to mention here that it is your responsibility to intimate that users about the fact that you have provided us with some of their personal information to us and it is your responsibility to ensure that users accompanying you have accepted this privacy policy and our other terms of use of the website.
  • Other Usages. It is not absolute that the website shall only use the personal data provided by you for the above-mentioned purposes only but we can also use the information provided by you for making your experience of the website more personalized, for soliciting feedback from you, for assuring the quality of the services provided, for supporting customers, for the prevention from frauds, fraudsters, scam and scammers and for ensuring proper functioning of the services provided through the website.
Sharing with Intermediaries.

To sell and or rent your personal information at any cost is not the priority of the website, and neither has the same been collected with the intention of doing so. However, for the proper functioning of the services provided through the website, it becomes mandatory in certain circumstances to share the data with trusted intermediaries. The way in which we share your data with third parties is as follows;

  • Data shared with Website’s Service Providers. For the necessary administration of the services through the website and provision of the same, certain third-party service providers may be hired by FunGuide. These third-party service providers have explicitly informed the public in general and specifically to us that they implement, within their system of providing services, certain sufficient protocols for the protection of the data provided to them, or they have a general reputation for implementing the same.
  • Sharing for the purposes of advertising and research. Certain types of non-personal data might be shared with intermediaries for the purposes of industrial research and analysis, enumeration, marketing, case studies, scrutinies, soliciting feedback, invigilation, and for other legally permissible purposes.
  • Sharing for the purposes of the completion of the business transactions. All the data collected during the use of the website is considered a business asset by the website. Thus, if the website, in any case, merges with, and/or is acquired by another business then all the data collected by the website shall be transferred to that specific business.
  • Sharing for the Protection of the website and/or for the protection of others. Cooperation with the government and the law enforcement agencies and/or any other private parties for the enforcement of the and compliance of the law. Data collected on your behalf may be shared with any of the earlier mentioned parties, and that too on our sole discretion only, and if the website considered it necessary the data sharing with certain parties is necessary for, responding to legal claims and subpoenas, for the protection and safety of the proprietary claims by the website, by any third party and/or by the public in general.
Rights you have regarding your personal data on the website.

No matter what the policies of the website are for operating its business, your access to the website solely depends on the choices you made while sharing data on the website and the choices you made are always respected. However, you have the following options in general while accessing our website;

  • Opt-Out. While browsing through the website, it needs to send you notifications about newsletters, magazines, etc. and you can opt-out of receiving these notifications at all or not. However, notifications of updates regarding the terms of use of the website and privacy policy may still be sent to you even after you opt-out of not receiving the notifications.
  • Alteration and/or deletion of your personal data. You have always the option of altering and/or deleting all your personal data provided to us by deleting the account you have made on the website but some information may be retained as archived on the website, to the extent of the requirement of the law.
The Security of Your Personal Data.

It is our utmost responsibility to take reasonable administrative, physical and electronic steps specially orchestrated for the protection of the information that has been collected from or about you (including but not limited to your PII) from unauthorized and/or fraudulent access, use or disclosure of the same. Our website is secured with HTTPS. However, submission platforms that lead to our Services may not have the same level of security. It is intimated to you for your best interest that no method of transmitting information over the Internet or storing information is completely secure. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information.